Salt Spray Test

December 1, 2021
Latest company news about Salt Spray Test

  Salt spray test is mainly an environmental test that uses salt spray test equipment to create artificial simulated salt spray environmental conditions to examine the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials.It is divided into natural environment exposure test and artificial accelerate simulated salt spray environment test.Artificial simulated salt spray environment test is kind of test equipment with a certain volume space-salt spray testing machine. It is in phase with the natural environment .The salt concentration of chloride in the salt fog environment is several times or no times that in the general natural environment, so that the corrosion speed is greatly improved salt spray test on the product,the results of time is also greatly shortened .It may take a year to corrode samples tested in a natural exposure environment ,whereas it may take only 24 hours to obtain similar results when tested in artificial simulated salt spray conditions.


  At the same timeit can be tested at the customer’s request to know whether the corrosion resistance of the product achieves the effect that the customer wants. During the salt spray test rust occurs during or at the end of the salt spray ,so we need to keep theses out of reach of customers.Required products ,re-work ,re-do surface treatment.(Salt spring rest times should be specified to ensure delivery )to customers. On the products, is to meet customer requirement.